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      Squeaky Clean Cretins set to perform at Fat Tire Fest

      They describe themselves as a folk, rock, funk, and blues band.

      The band features drums, bass, guitars, a hand percussionist, and keyboard. And since their style covers a wide variety of music tastes, you can understand why they're enjoyed by many different crowds.

      "We played a couple different venues; we played the Woodtick Music Festival this past year which is a really strange crowd. It was a lot of sort of county-oriented fans, but they still responded to us in a really positive way; so that was really reassuring to play for a crowd that we normally wouldn't see at a show and they still liked it," said bass player Keith Kinnear.

      The band writes most of their own songs, but they do perform occasional covers. And it doesn't take much to inspire a song.

      "Anything! Seeing someone getting arrested or seeing someone embracing their loved one. Anything will inspire me; day-to-day events," said acoustic guitarist Graham Parsons.

      Band members hope their show sends a positive message.

      "Just knowing that they've heard some good music, they've heard some great writing, good playing, and people that have really put a lot of their souls into what they're doing. We're not up there to rock some chords and just to get paid...we're up there because we want to do it," Kinnear said.

      You can catch the Squeaky Clean Cretins at the Fat Tire Fest in Copper Harbor on Sunday.