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      St. Vincent de Paul helps with more than food

      St. Vincent de Paul in Gladstone is a nonprofit organization that helps the community with much more than just food. They provide plenty of other services, especially during the winter. They offer help with rental, power and heat shutoff, as well as rides to the doctor's office. As of December 31, nearly 60 people requested help from the client aid office.

      "We have people that come in here who have no place else to go. They get food stamps and it's very little. Or they get no food stamps at all. And we'll never deny anybody food. Financially, we do have to look into what their income is. They may have overextended for one month and we'll help them out," said Gale St. Martin of St Vincent de Paul.

      Officials say the need is increasing. They're asking the public to consider volunteering at the store, pantry, or with client aid.