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      St. Vinny's embezzler sentenced

      Thirty-three-year-old Angie Spaulding of Gwinn is behind bars. She appeared in Marquette County Circuit Court Friday with charges of larceny of a building and with reduced embezzlement charges. In 2012, she embezzled about $11,000 from the Diocesan Council of Marquette which runs the 18 St. Vincent de Paul stores in the U.P.

      "There's nothing really that I can say to take it back. All I can do is try to move forward," said Spaulding, addressing the court.

      Spaulding was the accountant for the Diocesan Council of Marquette. Last November, Laurie Schmit, the Executive Director, noticed unexplained charges on the office credit card. She investigated further only to find that Spaulding had been making personal purchases using the credit card for months, so she went to the police.

      "This was a huge betrayal of trust, a large amount of hurt. I consider Angie my friend. I can't even begin to tell you how I felt when I found this out," said Schmit, addressing the court.

      Schmit says that the money stolen was from the Diocesan Council, which comes from small profits made by St. Vinny's, which is used for things like payroll or advertising. No money stolen was from donations.

      "They're first inclination is, 'Oh my goodness, our donations were being embezzled,' but they weren't. This was strictly an office account," Schmit said.

      For her larceny charges, Spaulding's sentence was delayed for 12 months during which time she will be on probation. For the embezzlement charge, she was ordered to serve 120 days in jail and pay back the money.

      "Anyone who chooses to embezzle a business, a non-profit, a sports, civic, or school organization chooses to cheat, to steal, and there are consequences," Schmit said.