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      Start the Cycle helps at-risk youth through mountain biking

      After this weekend's Ore to Shore Epic, the Start the Cycle organization was finally able to experience the fruits of their hard labor. The organization is designed to positively involve local at-risk youth in the community through the Ore to Shore.

      Since we've been following our friend, Clay Overmeyer, and the Start the Cycle crew, he says he and his teammates have significantly improved their mountain biking skills.

      Clay and the rest of the Start the Cycle team reached their goal of completing the Ore to Shore race over the weekend.

      "Honestly, I don't think I would have been able to do this if I didn't train, and my legs hurt right now, and I think if I wouldn't have trained with Start the Cycle, it would have been a lot worse," said Clay.

      The organization, developed for area at-risk youth to better involve themselves positively in the community, had been training with the help of mentors for the Ore to Shore since January this year.

      The Start the Cycle team says their biggest accomplishment was that all ten adults and all sixteen kids completed the race! Some rode in the Soft Rock, and some rode in the Shore Rock. And they say all of their hard work certainly paid off.

      "Finished it. Knowing that you did the whole thing and just finishing. We're a hard working team. We stick together and help each other out," Clay said.

      "It was really fun. Everybody did a great job. We have probably four kids that are going to be on the podium tonight. I can't think of a better way to end the year," said Coach Curtis Hewitt.

      Start the Cycle plans to get the team together to start training for the Noquemenon Ski Race this winter as well.