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      Start the Cycle rides the home stretch

      After months of training, the kids in the Start the Cycle program are now down to the final weeks before their big day.

      FOX UP'S Kelsey Niemisto caught up with our friend Juliette, whom we've been following throughout this journey.

      "I wanted to do this because I wanted to get prepared for the Ore to Shore and get ready for it. And today I feel like I'm totally ready because we went about twenty miles and I'm doing the ten mile," said Juliette Kimmes.

      There's only three weeks left until the Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic.

      And the kids from Start the Cycle are gearing up for the challenge.

      "This is a big deal for these kids. It lets them know that whatever they set their mind to they'll be able to accomplish. It also helps them set goals and realistically be able to plan for these goals. So I think all of these kids should be proud of themselves. They're doing great, and they'll be real happy when they cross that finish line," said Jeremy Hinkson, STC Volunteer & Mentor.

      Start the Cycle is an organization designed to be a challenge for at-risk children by introducing them to mountain biking, and showing them what being a successful part of the community is all about.

      Juliette says she became a part of Start the Cycle because of her love for mountain biking, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing such a big race.

      "Well I've been doing it for a long time. I actually did it when I was a kid, like when I was a lot younger. And I love biking, so it's a really fun sport, and it's great," said Juliette Kimmes.

      Around twenty kids and a dozen mentors have been hitting the trails around Marquette County once or twice a week since March.

      Needless to say, they can all bike quite a few miles without getting winded!

      "I've improved on my biking skills. I have been going a lot smoother and faster as we go along," said Juliette Kimmes.

      Half of the kids will be riding the Shore Rock, a ten mile ride, at 8a.m.

      The others will ride the Soft Rock, a 28 mile ride, at 9a.m.

      FOX Up's Kelsey Niemisto will be there on Saturday, August 9th to cheer on the Start the Cycle kids and capture their big moment!