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      Start the Cycle update

      When we last talked with our friend Clay, a participant in Start the Cycle, he was waiting to get outside and bike. And along with the other members of the program, it finally happened!

      "It feels good to be out here. We've been waiting a long time. Last week we were hoping to be here, but the weather wasn't doing so good with the snow. But now it feels a lot...hopefully the hard work pays off," said Clay Overmeyer.

      Start the Cycle is a program designed to be a challenge for at-risk teens by introducing them to mountain biking and showing them what being a successful part of the community is all about.

      Clay says the program has made him want to continue with mountain biking far into his future.

      "It's made me more athletic than I used to be. I used to not do as much as I do now. I feel more committed to a sport," Overmeyer said.

      "Well, so far so good. They're really excited, well now they're really excited to get on the dirt now that the weather's changed and it's gotten beautiful. It's good to see lots of smiling faces," said Glen Lerlie, a mentor for the program.

      Clay and the other teens, along with their mentors, have been training all year and will keep training through the summer. The ultimate goal is to complete the Ore to Shore in August as a group.

      If you would like to learn more about Start the Cycle, click here.