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      Starting healthy routines before the holidays

      Have you thought about your New Year's resolutions yet?

      It's still early, but a lot of people end up deciding to change their personal health routine. But if you want to start exercising and eating better, you'd better start now.

      If you want to get into shape and improve your overall personal health, there's no better time to start then the present.

      I exercised for an hour with a personal trainer Monday morning who says that it's important to get into a routine before the holidays begin.

      "You know the sooner you get going, the sooner you're going to see results. It's less busy right now; everybody sets New Year's resolutions, so get started before that," said Ringside Fitness personal trainer Jenna Robinson.

      She showed me several exercises that anyone could do to get fit.

      Robinson says it's important to target all areas during your workout.

      "Our bodies adapt to whatever we do to them," said Robinson. "If we work out and vary our workout, our muscles are always being challenged in different ways; they're going to adapt to that, so you're going to have stronger muscles, leaner muscles."

      If you're looking to lose weight, you only need to exercise three to five days a week in order to give your muscles time to relax.

      But being healthy isn't just about exercise--your diet is also important to maintain during the holidays.

      "Sometimes it's easier to avoid certain foods altogether because there are so many of the bad choices around," said registered dietician Donna Marlor. "So really limit yourself to maybe one treat a day during the holidays; that's probably an extra 200 calories and most people can afford that."

      Marlor also says keeping foods that are healthy in the house year-round will help you get into a good eating routine. Some suggestions she had were eating foods that were high in protein, like shrimp and peppers, instead of carbohydrates like crackers and beef salami.