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      State parks in prep-mode for weekend

      State Parks are the pride and joy of DNR rangers, which is why they're kicking it in high gear to get the parks ready for Memorial Day weekend.

      â??Mowing around the area and picking up sticks,â?? explained ranger, Rachel Caron, â??making sure everything looks neat and that people can get their campers all back in there."

      At the Bewabic State Park, they've even redone the large pavilion and beach house.

      â??We had guys sanding down in the beach house earlier,â?? said Caron. â??The bathroom stalls are wood, so they scrubbed those up and repainted them,â?? she added.

      Besides the main park area, rangers say they're also working on the hiking and camping spots.

      â??We just got those all finished up; we did the scooping out of the fire pits because after people have had campfires all summer long, they kind of get built up,â?? Caron said.

      The Michigan DNR is also asking people to take caution when grilling out this weekend at parks. Even though itâ??s been a bit rainy, leaves and branches underneath the top level of fallen growth may still be dry.

      â??If it's windy, especially, it can carry it to wherever,â?? Caron explained.

      Now that the park is just about ready for when you're out this weekend, remember: it takes a lot of people to help keep the parks safe and beautiful.