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      State Rep Scott Dianda works to help Michigan veterans

      From left to right: Representatives Knezek, Dianda, and Santana
      State Representative Scott Dianda is touring the 110th District to talk about Michigan's veterans.

      Representative Dianda is working on a bill that will give disabled veterans and their spouses 100 percent exemption from paying property taxes. He's been traveling to VFWs and American Legion Posts to talk in open forums with local veterans and hear what they need. Sunday he was in L'Anse and Stambaugh. Representative Dianda says that 11 percent of his district are veterans or soldiers returning from overseas.

      "We got to start taking care of our people. We need to take care of them when they come back to provide them opportunity so they stay in our area, so they buy a home, so they raise their family here, so we don't constantly keep losing our youth to other states," said Democratic Representative Dianda.

      Along with him are State Representatives Harvey Santana of the 9th District in Detroit and David Knezek of the 11th District in Dearborn Heights, who are also pushing bills through to allow veterans greater access to higher education. Both Representatives Santana and Knezek are military veterans and also Democrats.