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      State Representative-Elect Scott Dianda takes oath of office

      State Representative-Elect Scott Dianda took the oath of office in Houghton on Saturday.

      Dianda will represent the 110th District which includes over 80,000 people.

      Hundreds of Dianda supporters were there to congratulate the State Representative.

      Dianda says it's an honor to represent the people in the 110th District.

      "We're 500 miles from Lansing and it's so very important to me that we have this participation in our district, away from Lansing, all the way up here in Upper Michigan, and I'm so very proud to be here today to represent people," said Dianda.

      Dianda beat his Republican opponent Matt Huuki by over 1,200 votes during the general election. While in office, Dianda says education, representation of local government and high-tech jobs will be his top priority.

      He will take office January 1, 2013.