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      State representatives meet in Iron Mountain with residents

      State lawmakers met in Iron Mountain on Tuesday evening with area residents to discuss the Natural Resources Trust Fund.

      State Representatives Ed McBroom, Aric Nesbitt, and Andrea LaFontaine explained how the trust fund, when used correctly, benefits communities. The fund uses interest from revenue created by state oil and gas wells to acquire land and complete development projects related to outdoor recreation.

      ??It??s a real privilege to bring folks from downstate up here to hear firsthand from people how they want to see the trust fund utilized in the future,?? said 108th District Representative Ed McBroom. ??This is money that's dedicated to allow people access to outdoor recreation opportunities,?? said 66th District Representative Aric Nesbitt.

      Some of the public suggestions for projects included improved trails and land access. The mayor of Iron Mountain expressed his appreciation to the trust fund, as it played a role in helping to improve City Park.