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      State Representatives working to boost tourism

      How can tourism be improved in Michigan? That's a question state representatives are working on currently.

      The Chair of Michigan??s Tourism committee is traveling the state for ideas on how to expand tourism. On Saturday, the committee made its stop in Marquette thanks to State Representative John Kivela.

      Kivela sits on the board of the Tourism Committee in Michigan and says he hopes this creates a better economic boom in Upper Michigan.

      ??People love to come and hike, and kayak, and bike and do all the things we sometimes take for granted,?? said Kivela.

      ??Show off what we are,?? said State Representative Peter Pettalia, Chair of the Tourism Committee. ??Where do we come from, how can we attract people and basically tell people how wonderful we are to visit.?? The committee hopes increased tourism will increase business within the state.