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      State Trooper on trial for alleged criminal sexual conduct

      Update 7:30 p.m. EST

      Day one of the trial of a Michigan State Police Trooper charged with criminal sexual conduct is underway.

      Thirty-seven-year-old David Morikawa is charged with two counts of second degree criminal sexual conduct. The incident allegedly took place in the summer of 2009 between Morikawa and his 12-year-old female cousin.

      During opening arguments Tuesday afternoon, both the prosecution and defense said they are relying on testimony to prove their sides of the story. The prosecution was up first, calling five witnesses to the stand including four family members of the victim.

      One of those to testify was the victim's grandfather, Leonard Davis, who emotionally described when his granddaughter told him what happened.

      She told me David touched her butt and her boobs, said Davis.

      Did she tell you where it happened? asked Prosecutor Michael Stein.

      At his house, Davis responded.

      While she's telling you this, how is she acting? Stein asked.

      Very upset, crying, Davis said.

      Several witnesses testified that the victim told them about the incident, but they didn't call the police. The victim's mother did call the police after learning about the incident several months later.

      The victim is expected to take the stand to testify Wednesday followed by witnesses from the defense.


      The trial of a Michigan State Trooper charged with criminal sexual conduct is underway.

      David Morikawa, 37, is charged with two counts of second degree CSC. Morikawa allegedly inappropriately touched his female cousin in the summer of 2009. The victim was 12 years old at the time of the incident.

      During opening arguments, Defense Attorney Grant Carlson said the allegations against Morikawa are false and made up.

      Five witnesses were called by the prosecution Tuesday afternoon, including the victim's sister, Jordane Malnar, who emotionally testified what her sister said about the incident.

      "She had told me that when she was at David's house in Crystal Falls and that he had tried to touch her," said Malnar.

      The victim's mother, brother, and grandfather also testified that she told them of the incident.

      The victim is expected to take the stand Wednesday morning.

      The defense is also expected to call witnesses sometime Wednesday.