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      Statues come to life in downtown Marquette

      Quite the crowd gathered in downtown Marquette Saturday as statues came to life. Seven statues were on display, and some of the art included a miner and a sailor.

      The display is a part of the City of Marquette's Arts and Culture Center, and it was titled "By the Way of Water".

      Each statue represented a piece of Marquette's history.

      The exhibit was used to help Marquette residents learn about the city's past.

      "I hope they start reflecting on their history. Everyone that's a statue here today is incredibly honored to be the characters they are. Hopefully people start thinking about what art and history means to them," said Tiina Harris, community services manager of the Marquette Arts and Culture Center.

      Each statue on display sat or stood for 30 minutes. It took about an hour to completely cover the characters in makeup and four bottles of spray paint to cover their clothes.

      This is the first year for the display, and if you would like to see it again, you are asked to contact the City of Marquette's Arts and Culture Center at (906) 228-0472.