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      Stay back! Stay clear! Stay safe!

      Children may be too young to operate a snowplow, but they're never too young to learn about safety, which is precisely how elementary students in Norway spent their Wednesday. It was part of a safety program through the Dickinson County Road Commission.

      â??Years ago we saw our children in the local area getting too close to the snowplows, trying to get under the fluffy-looking snow, and we saw some real hazards, and we were fearful that the children were going to get hurt,â?? said Sandy Lindholm, Director of Finance with the Dickinson County Road Commission.

      These hazardous observations led the Dickinson County Road Commission to create a program about safety around snowplows, a program theyâ??ve been teaching for over 15 years.

      â??If it can help prevent even one child from being hurt or worse, then we've done our job,â?? Lindholm said.

      â??The snowplow can't see you because the snow and he has to wipe all the snow off,â?? said early kindergarten student, Alayna Zahn. â??It's bigger, and you are littler-er than that,â?? Zahn said.

      The students were taught in the classroom about staying back, staying clear, staying safe, and watching for flying objects that could be shot out in the snowplowâ??s wake.

      â??Did you also know that it's very dangerous to go near a snowplow because you might get hit? Thatâ??s the same thing that goes for cars,â?? Zahn said.

      Sheâ??s catching onto the idea quickly. And even though they were taught not to go near a plow when it's moving, the students did get the chance to see, up close, the giant machine. The instructor said itâ??s a way to make learning about safety, fun.