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      Stay in shape for less

      Exercise is an important way to stay in shape and stay healthy, but perhaps a full membership to a gym is a larger chunk out of your wallet than you'd like.

      The YMCA in Iron Mountain is offering a financial assistance option for starting a membership. The staff recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and want to extend that offer to others.

      "It's based on your income; we don't pay 100 percent of it, but we do pay up to 70 percent of it," said Beth Lister of the YMCA. "All a person needs to do is come in and get an application, and you fill out the application. It's a simple one-page form. Provide proof of income, bring it back, and within 10 days to two weeks, we have what the price would be for your three-month membership."

      All are welcome to apply, and a renewal is possible with continued proof of income.

      Even if you don't think you can afford to go to the gym, there is now a chance to do so that is a little easier on your wallet.