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      Staying fit for the holidays

      With Thanksgiving over, there's still one more holiday that may lead to adding on extra pounds, and if you have regrets about all the food you ate during Thanksgiving, it's never too late to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

      Some people exercise on a regular basis, but for those with a less active lifestyle, experts say it's important to start off slow.

      "Sedentary people who aren't used to an exercise program, probably the best thing to start with, I would say, is walking. Walking is a safe exercise, it's low impact. It's really good for everyone," said Fitness Associate Susan Rosemurgy.

      Using a stability ball can help you maintain a strong core, and maintaining a strong core can also help during the winter season to keep you from slipping on slick pavements.

      Dietitian Rachel Doherty says in order to maintain a healthy weight, choose lower fat options to help cut back on calories.

      "After the holidays are over, I would recommend aiming for a one to two pound weight loss per week and focusing on choosing healthier options of the foods that you're already eating, like incorporating whole grains and vegetables," said Doherty.

      Experts also say try not to go back for seconds and stay hydrated.

      "If you drink water before a meal, it's sort of fills you up a little bit so you're not inclined to eat too much when you sit down, or sip water throughout the meals so that you're not inclined to eat too much, Rosemurgy said.

      Studies have shown that cardio exercise is the most effective when it comes to reducing stored body fat. This type of exercise is recommended five days a week for at least 30 minutes.

      With family and friends around this holiday season, it may be the motivation you need to get into shape.