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      Staying safe while snowmobiling

      Snowmobile fatalities happen every year. However, there are ways to stay safe and avoid serious injury or worse.

      â??The biggest thing that people don't realize is they need to drive slow, be familiar with the trails, where they're going, take their time, not be in a rush to get somewhere,â?? said Brian Polzien. "When people rush, it's when accidents tend to happen.â??

      Ice can be very dangerous to snowmobilers. One area of the body of water might be a lot thicker than another area.

      The DNR doesn't recommend that you ride on ice, but sometimes it's unavoidable. So if you do, make sure you take extra caution.

      Always be on the lookout for other snowmobilers. Obviously, wear a helmet. And try to wear bright, reflective colors.

      There's also some special equipment that can help keep you safe, too. Some specialized helmets have radios in them, so you can communicate with the person you're riding with.

      â??You know where you're at, and you know where they're at; if there's other snowmobilers coming ahead on the trail or something, they can warn you,â?? said George Freeman.

      Brian Polzien has seen what can happen if people aren't careful.

      â??I've seen people miss the trail, miss sharp corners, drive off, almost hit trees,â?? Polzien says.

      So try not to let that happen to you this year.