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      Staying warm thanks to a local business

      A Marquette County family will stay warm this winter thanks to a local business. Hudson Mechanical will provide a free furnace to a deserving household.

      The Harvey company is participating in a program called 'Heat U.P. Wisconsin.' It is sponsored by Lennox Heating and Cooling. They will give away about a hundred furnaces throughout the Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin.

      Hudson Mechanical will provide the installation for a family in Marquette County, just in time for the cold winter months, said sales manager Matt Greer.

      "Well it feels good to get out in the community and help your neighbors out," said Greer. "Last year, a really well-deserving family out in Ishpeming got a helping hand, and it feels good. All the guys on the crew volunteer, and it's just a great program."

      If you know someone that needs a new furnace, go to www.heatupwisconsin.com. The deadline for nominations is September 15.