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      Steering clear of car issues this winter

      Although the leaves haven't completely turned yet, mechanics say nowâ??s the time to find out what your car will need before the first snowfall.

      "Have us look at it and let you know what it's going to need earlier so you could plan ahead," said Steve Dales, an ASE Master Mechanic for Fox Negaunee. "Keep yourself safe, keep everyone else safe."

      Mechanics say tires are a top priority along with good brakes for good traction on ice and snow.

      Other important maintenance, as recommended by your manufacturer, could include battery checks and servicing your cooling system and fuel induction. Prices usually range over $100, but what drivers will spend varies on what the car needs.

      "Know your oil's full, transmission's fullâ?|make sure no one's stuck on the side of the road in 30 below weather," Dales added.

      But it doesnâ??t stop there. Napa Auto Parts in Marquette recommends a few $10 products to help your vehicle's efficiency.

      "Gas additives; make sure the moisture is out of your gas," said store owner Ryan Bruns. "Gas can freeze. Fuel injection conditioners work to make your car more efficient."

      And lastly, donâ??t forget a new pair of wiper blades to help your driving visibility.