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      Steps schools take to keep kids safe

      Since the tragic shooting in Connecticut, many parents are asking, is my child safe at school?

      Negaunee Public Schools' Superintendent, Jim Derocher, says all of the schools within the district have a crisis plan in place, and the schools have drills at least twice a year.

      "If there's an intruder that's been determined that's in our building, they have responsibilities in their classroom to make sure that the classroom door is locked, make sure that they're away from outside windows, and take students into an area that they can't be spotted, either outside or from inside," said Derocher.

      The Marquette Police Department says if a call comes in, they would immediately respond.

      "The policies and procedures and the way we would respond, I can't go into specific detail about that, but the parents and the people around the area really have to know that we do train for a possible situation like that," said Lt. Michael Wasie, Marquette City Police.

      Law enforcement officers aren't the only ones trained.

      "We geared it towards teachers and training the teachers on how to react if they have an intruder or an active shooter in the school to buy more time for those law enforcement officers to get them to respond to that event," said Teresa Schwalbach, Marquette County Emergency Management Coordinator.

      Negaunee Public Schools also offers School Reach, a program that will immediately notify parents by e-mail, text, or phone if there is an emergency.