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      Steve Asplund becomes News Director of WLUC & FOX UP News

      Steve is officially taking over as the WLUC-TV6 news director. Asplund has been with the station for more than 30 years.

      While many know him as the Early News anchor, many may not know Asplund does much more behind the scenes.When not at the desk, Asplund does everything from reporting and producing to handling mechanical failures with equipment; he even cleans and can often be found at the station seven days a week.

      To all that have and currently work at WLUC with the "newsman" know heâ??s the glue holding TV6 together; admired by all for his determination and dedication to provide Upper Michigan with the best possible news content.

      "He knows the market, he knows the station, he knows the process, he's evolved with the times," said Rob Jamros, General Manager of WLUC and FOX UP.

      Asplund says he's looking forward to the future of our station and is excited to lead the newsroom.

      On behalf of everyone at WLUC and FOXâ?|Congratulations Steve Asplund!