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      Sticker shock helps fight underage drinking

      The Healthy Youth Coalition of Marinette and Menominee Counties is doing their part to help curb underage drinking this deer hunting season.

      Menominee County high schoolers placed 'Hey You' stickers on cases of beer and wine coolers to remind adults of the consequences of supplying alcohol to minors. Once it leaves the store, there's no telling who'll be drinking the alcohol.

      That TMs why the teens are placing eye-catching yellow stickers on them. But law enforcement was there to lend a helping hand, since the teens weren't allowed to touch the alcohol.

      I think that putting the stickers on the alcohol really catches people TMs attention, explains Audra Granquist, a freshman at North Central High School. They can read them, and they can see them. When you're not old enough to drink, you should not."

      They're taking part in a Sticker Shock program that originated through Mothers Against Drunk Driving. But what's driving them to take on this leadership role?

      We TMre doing this because there are a lot of teens that are drinking, said North Central freshman, Kevin Theisen. And when you're drinking, you're not in the right state of mind."

      Stores like Fazer's Foods have a strict policy of making sure everyone who buys alcohol is 21.

      I'm not for underage drinking, said store owner Clarence Fazer. I've been in this business for almost 40 years, and I try to curb it as much as I can."

      This is the first time the Healthy Youth Coalition has put on the Sticker Shock Program. About 1,000 stickers were printed and placed on multipacks of beers and wine coolers to remind people of the harsh penalties of providing alcohol to minors.

      But there are strict consequences for minors who get caught.

      Parents are contacted, and they're petitioned in the Juvenile Court, explains Deputy Tom Draze of the Menominee County Sheriff Department. And it's not a fun process for them, which it should not be."

      The Healthy Youth Coalition is hoping the message on the stickers stays with people not just during hunting season, but all year-round.