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      Still looking for help with frozen pipes

      As the frozen pipe crisis continues, State Representative John Kivela is hopeful that the U.P. will receive some much needed relief.

      Initially Governor Rick Snyder denied the request for a State of Emergency to be declared in the U.P. However, the Director of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division will be visiting the U.P. on Monday to look at some of the damage. If it is determined that the problems are severe enough, Governor Snyder will declare a State of Emergency that will get the ball rolling on state and federal aid.

      "Ultimately what we'd like to see is dollars and I think there's some FEMA money available. As a matter of fact our Federal Rep. and Senators have been working to line that up at the Federal level already," said Kivela.

      Time is crucial in the declaration; especially considering it took almost one year before areas that flooded around this time last year in the U.P. began to see federal money.