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      Stonehouse Bakery preparing for opening

      Grand Marais is awaiting a new addition to its restaurant choices. Stonehouse Bakery Company will offer a full menu from breakfast to dinner including fresh breads and cinnamon rolls.

      The building, on Lake Avenue, is still in the process of being constructed. One of the fixtures of the restaurant are the two large homemade tables.

      "We wanted something people could go home and talk about and I have my own saw mill, we cut down a couple of 20 ft. White Pine and we built two 20's and ended up with a 16 and a 20," said owner Tim Swift.

      Swift has done a lot of the work himself, with a vast majority of the wood cut within about 10 miles of the restaurant.

      Stonehouse Bakery is expected to open in May, but bad weather could delay the opening.