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      Stonington forest fire

      The smoke could be seen for miles

      Many Delta County residents were noticing a large smoke cloud billowing throughout the day. The smoke was nothing to worry about; it was all part of a prescribed burn.

      The U.S. Forest Service strives to conduct such burns annually. This time, they created a 120 acre burn on the Stonington peninsula. It produced enough smoke be seen more than 20 miles away. The burn was designed to maintain biological diversity and reduce hazardous fuels near private homes. During a prescribed burn, many methods are used to control the fire.

      â??We use both a crew of firefighters and we have multiple engines available with water to use,â?? said Hiawatha National Forest public affairs office, Janel Crooks. â??We also use mechanical mean, bull dozers and those sort of things that create a line.â??

      There are no more prescribed burns scheduled this summer for the forestâ??s western zone.