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      Store owner exercises his right to bear arms

      Shawn Schank (Veteran/Store Owner)

      On Sunday morning, Shawn Schank came face to face with two robbers wearing ski masks. What the robbers did not know was that Schank was a member of the National Guard and spent a year in Afghanistan. He also had a loaded gun.

      Schank unlocked the front door right before he was getting ready to leave. Then he walked towards the restroom. That is when heard the front door open. He turned around and saw two people at the counter.

      Schank walked inside the back room, grabbed his AR 15 rifle and pointed it at the suspects.

      Schank said when he noticed the two men trying to steal from the empty cash register, he was more irritated than afraid.

      "They were trying to hide behind the counter, and I kicked one into the other one. When I kicked him and pulled out the gun; he took off his mask so I would recognize them," said Schank.

      The man asked Schank not to shoot him. The two men ran out the door and Schank dialed 911.

      Schank said he usually carries a pistol, but that morning he only had his rifle which he mainly uses for shooting and hunting.

      On Tuesday, the two suspects were arraigned in Alger County District Court. Eighteen-year-old Ruben Sifuentes and 17-year-old Brandon Monroe were charged with breaking and entering a building with intent. The Alger County District Court judge scheduled both men for a preliminary examination May 7 at 10 a.m.

      As for Schank, he had a message for any future robbers.

      "I don't care if people try to rob. I will respond the same way," Schank said.