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      Stores ask Where's Waldo?

      North Wind Books in Hancock is one of 250 stores nationwide celebrating the 25th birthday of the man who wears a red and white striped shirt known as Waldo.

      People of all ages are welcome to join the search for Waldo. All you have to do is ask for a "find Waldo" card inside participating stores and once you get the card, the next step is to keep a watchful eye out for Waldo because he could be hiding anywhere.

      "Waldo is in 20 businesses in downtown Houghton and Hancock, and if you want to participate, you just find Waldo and you get little cards," said North Wind Books Manager Alana Nolan. "Once you find him in each of the participating businesses, you can bring them here to redeem prizes."

      If you collect eight different cards, you'll receive a Where's Waldo button. The contest ends with a grand prize drawing on July 31.