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      Storm causes tree to fall into yard of home

      There's more information from a story this morning. At 3:30 Tuesday morning lightning struck a tree at the residence of 105 Lotus Street in Ishpeming Township.

      Resident Shawn Rogers says he and his grandmother were sleeping inside the home when they heard a loud crash noise. The tree had caught fire from the lightning strike and fell over in the yard.

      Lightning also knocked out phone and cable lines in the home, so Rogers ran to the Holiday Gas Station in Ishpeming to call for help.

      At 3:45 Ishpeming Township Fire Department came to the scene and put the fire out in minutes.

      There was no fire damage to the home. No one inside the home was injured.


      Lightning struck a tree early Tuesday morning causing it to topple into the front yard of a home.

      The Ishpeming Fire Department to responded to resident's call about part of the tree that caught fire.

      However, by the time crews arrived, the rain put the fire out. The was no fire damage to the home.