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      Storm spotting 101

      Spring in the Upper Peninsula can bring some volatile storms, and the National Weather Service is encouraging citizens to report those storms. Every spring the NWS holds a spring storm spotter class to teach people how to recognize and report severe weather.

      Tuesday night's class reviewed storms we saw last year and looked ahead to what this storm season may bring. The National Weather Service is hoping people can report their conditions year-round.

      "We really hope that when significant weather affects the individuals that are here tonight that they find a way to report it to the National Weather Service or even TV6," said Meteorologist Matt Zika. "There's no doubt that with the social media revolution, I mean, that is becoming one of the easiest ways to both disseminate information and for us to receive information."

      The next storm spotter class will be Wednesday in Iron Mountain. More talks are planned through the rest of the month and during May as well.