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      Stormy Kromer supports Olympic ski jumpers

      When your eyes are glued to the TV for the Winter Olympics this February, be sure to look for a certain popular Yooper cap.

      Ironwood??s Stormy Kromer is producing red, white, and blue caps for the USA Olympic ski jump teams, which Stormy Kromer is also supporting.

      ??Because ski jumping has a history in the U.P. and we??re a U.P.-based business, and we??re also a snow-based business, it just made sense,?? said Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Jacquart Fabric, Gina Thorsen.

      For the women??s ski jump team, it??s a special year because, for first time in Winter Olympics history, there will be a women??s ski jump competition.

      Each cap has both the Women??s Ski Jumping USA team and USA Ski Jumping team logos stitched on the band.

      ??All we do is basically hoop the bands into these blue hoops, transfer the information from the computer right onto the machine,?? explained monogrammer Lakin Ozzello. ??Once we??re all set, we just hit start, and it just starts to digitize the logo on the band.??

      These limited edition hats are only being sold online and throughout the month of January. For every purchase, each ski jump team will receive $10.

      ??I think all of us here are really proud that we make this kind of quirky little hat in the U.P., and people all over the world kind of latch on to it, especially with our ski jumping partners,?? Thorsen said.

      ??I??m proud that it??s coming from us,?? Ozzello said. ??We??re a little town in Ironwood, so it??s made in the USA. We??re supporting the USA team.??

      Many athletes and spectators will be sporting the Stormy Kromer in Sochi next month.

      ??Keep your eyes peeled on the crowds and some of the sports and see if you can spot one of our hats!?? Thorsen said.