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      Story Corps comes to Marquette

      WNMU public radio is hosting Story Corps from July 5 to August 2 at the Peter White Library in Marquette.

      As part of the Oral History Project, Story Corps' mobile recording booth is traveling all over the country to help Americans record, share and preserve their life stories. Since its start in 1995, Story Corp has recorded over 90,000 stories.

      "This really gives you or anyone the opportunity to have that and preserve that," says site manager Emily Janssen. "So that you can listen to that, your grandchildren might know what your father sounded like and things like that."

      Story Corps broadcasts on NRP's morning edition. WNMU will also broadcast some excerpts from the local interviews.

      Appointments are one hour each with seven possible times to choose from each day.

      For more information about making a reservation for Story Corps, call 1(800) 850-4406 or visit their website .