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      Strawberry season almost here in the U.P.

      Strawberry season is nearly upon us in the U.P.

      And if you live a good distance away from Chassel's fresh strawberries, there is another option in Marquette and Alger County.

      Pete Maki has been growing strawberries at Ostanek's Strawberry Farm in Trenary for 20 years since taking it over from his father-in-law.

      He says this season's crop is not the best he's ever seen, but it'll be a good one so long as the weather remains cooperative.

      "Nice sunshine'll make a good, tight skin on the berry, make it nice and firm so you can handle it without getting red and rain'll make 'em soft. They don't hold up to rain, they're a fragile crop." said Maki.

      But you can't just place an order over the phone at this farm. This is a pick-your-own-farm. Which means its first come, first serve.

      "We don't pick any berries, we don't have any hired pickers to pick berries for us... we just let anybody who wants to come pick pick 'em in the fields and buy 'em by the quart, we sell 'em by the quart and uh... We don't have a problem getting rid of our berries." said Maki.

      Trenary is not a well-visited town. But having the only strawberry farm in all of Marquette and Alger county has a way of attracting some foot traffic.

      "It always brings a lot of people into town. Picking time...the highway is parked almost a mile away from the berry patch with cars in the field picking. And it also brings people into the local grocery stores and gas stations...and even the bars." said Trenary Co-Op manager Joni Hendrickson.

      Maki says the strawberries should be ready for picking just after the 4th of July, but that pickers should always call ahead to make sure the farm is open for business.

      You can contact Ostanek's Strawberry Farm at #906-446-3050. For a full list of pick-your-own farms in the U.P., click here.