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      Strengthening family bonds through homeschool

      Education is basic to any society, and schools work hard to improve, but along with public schools, private or charter, there is also homeschooling.

      Lynn Currie's home in Kingsford has become a homeschool for her children. The courses they take are through a public on-line curriculum, which opens their learning options and allows Lynn to monitor their education.

      "One of the things I really enjoy about homeschooling is the family unity we have; we're able to work together as a family, bond together, work together one-on-one all day," said Currie. "It's rewarding to watch the girls work together and really help each other on their lessons, you know...and just have that sisterly bond that they have."

      Lynn says there are close to a hundred families she knows of in the Upper Peninsula that homeschool their children. The families regularly meet together for school field trips and other social outings. The Currie family says they are able to study effectively with each other and grow closer.