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      Strong Kids of the YMCA need your support

      The Northern Lights YMCA Strong Kids campaign is kicking off the year with high goals. They are hoping to raise enough money to impact over 700 Delta County kids, families and adults.

      The Strong Kids campaign allows the YMCA to provide financial assistance to local residents, mainly children, who wish to take part in their activities and programs.

      A donation of $50 can teach a low-income child to swim, while one of $5,000 can provide membership assistance for 10 youths.

      This year, the Delta County Strong Kid campaign hopes to raise $115,000.

      â??We have the same goal that we had last year and we did hit that goal,â?? said fund development director, Caron Salo. â??Weâ??re very optimistic to hit that, and I would love to see us go above it. The need continually grows each and every year.â??

      The campaign ends Mar. 21, but your donation can be spread over the course of a year with pledge reminders sent home monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

      For more information or to donate, call (906) 789-0005 or visit their website here .