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      Student council helps fellow peers

      Although they're young, a group of teenagers joined forces to conduct a very important business meeting.

      These young budding leaders are members of the Keweenaw Community Foundation's Youth Advisory Council and they are student representatives from the various middle and high schools in Houghton County.

      When the students meet, they are also learning effective business tools like how to write a press release and how to develop their interviewing skills. They can then take what they've learned and apply them to their everyday lives.

      This student council recently came up with a Youth Needs Survey to find out what types of changes students in grades 7-12 would like to see in the area.

      More than 11-hundred students responded and the YAC is offering a $9,000 grant to any local non-profit organizations and schools to address youth needs.

      "We basically looked at previous YAC surveys and we chose the most relevant questions off of those and we also looked at our personal experiences at school and what we saw were the biggest issues among our youth," said YAC president Vladi Kotov.

      The survey found that some of the biggest concerns among youth are smoking, drugs, and alcohol and teens want to see more recreational programs to counteract these concerns.

      The survey also found that around 45% of students want job development and employment programs.

      "I just feel confidant that we can make a change and we can help and improve the youth, said YAC president Rachel Chard.

      The deadline to submit a grant application is February 17 and after the YAC students review the proposals, the winner will be announced on March 1.