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      Student heading to Shakespeare School in Ontario

      One Westwood High School student will soon be the first to study with Shakespearean actors at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario this summer.

      It was only two years ago that Francois Montbrun joined the Westwood High School Shakespeare company, not knowing the possibilities it would open in his future. The now Senior won a $2500 scholarship to attend Stratford Shakespeare Festival Shakespeare school.

      "Then I found out I applied and not only got accepted, but got a full ride to it. I was extremely excited and very grateful," said Montbrun.

      It's a two-week summer camp happening in Stratford, Ontario where he will see all of the shows at the festival as well as learn from actors and directors from the company.

      B.G. Bradley, his drama teacher, says Montbrun took to the Shakespearean language and literature easily. He has performed at least seven shows; his biggest roles as Hamlet and Othello. They are performances that have shaped him as an actor.

      "Understood the concepts, understood the need for projection and to hold together the artistry with the rhythms. He was a real natural to begin with," said Bradley.

      For Montbrun, it's a once in a lifetime experience to learn and train from professionals who have studied Shakespeare's work.

      "I love the guy, all his work is great. I love his tragedies, his comedies are great. He did such a wide variety of plays, sonnets and literature that he's just magnificent," Montbrun explained.

      Montbrun leaves Westwood High School as the director of the Senior Show and plans to study theatre at University of Michigan.

      He will be at the Shakespeare School for two weeks this June.