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      Students and faculty compete in weight loss challenge

      The numbers are in, and Kingsford High School is in the lead for the Stop Only Sugar Diet Weight Loss Challenge.

      They're competing against Marquette Senior High School. Kingsford's faculty lost 72.4 pounds and the students lost 43.2 pounds. Marquette's faculty lost 41.5 pounds while students lost 42 pounds.

      Paulina Puskala is a Marquette Senior High School student that has been a part of the challenge for the past four weeks. She says cutting sugar out of her diet was hard in the beginning, but she has seen an improvement.

      "I like it a lot," said Puskala. "I feel really good when I run now. In track, I feel like it's helped me run faster, and I just feel like I have a little bit more energy."

      The diet is based off a book written by Doctor James Surrell. The goal is to decrease the amount of sugar and increase the amount of fiber you eat.

      Students and faculty at Kingsford High School are still going strong in the SOS challenge against Marquette. The students say that even though it has been difficult, they appreciate some of the measures the school cafeteria is taking.

      "They always have an optional salad bar, a fruit bar, and they also have turkey subs everyday and certain specialty items," said KHS senior Sean Ryan. "It's been tough to be aware of what you're eating, but if you think about it, if you just take out most of your snacks and eat healthier during your meals, it's not too hard."

      The competition ends on Friday, May 24. There is more about the challenge on our web site here.