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      Students and safe driving lesson

      A little bit of snow didn't stop Calumet High School students from learning the importance of safe driving.

      Students got a firsthand look at some of the consequences they could face if they decide to drink and drive. During the event, which was sponsored by Superior AmeriCorps, students witnessed an alcohol-related mock accident.

      The Jaws of Life were used to remove the victims from the crushed car as safety officials narrated the entire event.

      "When we are in high school and going to prom and we're graduating, we don't think about the consequences, and it's important to remind the students that this is real," said Megan Vankarsen of Superior AmeriCorps. "It does happen and it can happen to anybody, and we want to make it as real as possible."

      Officials want to remind students that every minute a person is injured from an alcohol-related crash, the consequences can be deadly.