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      Students and teachers go head-to-head in hockey game

      It was students versus teachers at the Negaunee Ice Arena.

      Sunday afternoon, students and teachers of Westwood High School laced up their skates and played a good game of hockey.

      On the students' side, a handful of hockey players were on the team, and on the teachers end, hockey and football coaches along with other staff members.

      "It's the students in a different venue with their teachers, with their coaches, showing a more community aspect to what we do. We try to show them a little bit of community service in their high school careers," said Jon Beckman, athletic director.

      The crowd had the option of paying three dollars or donating three canned food items.

      All of the money raised from the game was donated to St. Vincent de Paul. The game ended with the teachers beating the students, 11 to 8.