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      Students attend business conference

      Close to 200 young future and seasoned entrepreneurs including students from NMU, and local high schools spent the day learning ways to do business.

      "Reaching out to like other people, business owners that are higher up and asking questions that's one main thing that I really learned. It's very important because it can really help you succeed," said Quincy Russell, student.

      The Celebration of Entrepreneurship and business at NMU brings 29 business leaders from across the U.P. sharing how they have developed their companies.

      Marilyn Clark is with MTech SmartZone in Houghton, a company that helps people create their own business.

      She says it's important for people to know there are resources like the SmartZone that'll help nurture their ideas.

      "Helping them get to for sale and we do that with training and coaching. We're starting a co-working space that instead of meeting far away or in their basement they have a network of entrepreneurs in the same stage," said Marilyn Clark, CEO MTec SmartZone.

      The way people do business was also a hot topic during several presentations.

      Many say having an online presence is a marketing strategy every company should do.

      It gives a company the advantage of having a product or service they can sell nationally and maybe even globally.

      "You need to have some sort of presence on the internet, but you don't necessarily have to have your own website you can have a Facebook page or you can sell your products through a place like EBay, but in one way or another since we are in such a connected world and country through the internet," said Terry Dehring, President, Quick Trophy.

      NMU'S college of business says this an opportunity they hope to continue offering annually.