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      Students back in class

      NICE Community Schools is in session. Students went back Thursday after an extended vacation due to freezing temperatures.

      After a three-day late start, students are hitting the books.

      "It was definitely harder than I expected to get up this morning after having those extra days to sleep in," said Faith LeRoy, Westwood High School student.

      School was cancelled Monday through Wednesday because of the extreme cold temperatures. However, some students say the late start has backed up the rest of their semester.

      "In our chemistry class, you know, we are right in the middle of a chapter. And with exams coming up next week, we can't just stop or we can't really take a test before the chapter is done either because we don't have enough time," LeRoy said.

      With finals coming up next week, some classes still have to finish coursework for the rest of the semester before starting to review for finals. So teachers are trying to catch up on lost time. They're cramming as much review time as possible in the little time they have left before the end of the marking period.

      "We have one day next week where we will have regular class as well. So, that will help, but unfortunately for my high school students working on projects, they're going to have to be finished a lot sooner than maybe they originally anticipated," said Janine Chapman, Westwood High School teacher.

      Students will be spending a lot more time studying over the next couple of days.

      "We had one packet for Algebra and that's about all we had over the break, but this weekend it's kind of crunch time trying to get everything done," said Rachel Anderson, student.

      They say it wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't right after winter break.