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      Students compete in curling

      Michigan Tech students' curling competitions are underway. It's part of the Annual Winter Carnival, and some teams competed in Calumet.

      The Blue Key Honor Society, in collaboration with the Copper Country Curling Club in Calumet, put on the event. The object of the sport is to push a 42-pound stone across 120 feet of ice. The game is between two teams of four players and the team with the furthest throw wins.

      For many students, it's their first time participating in a sport like this.

      "It's a way for us to introduce curling to a lot of students who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity, and we felt it was important for us as an outreach to Michigan Tech," said Gordon Maclean, Copper Country Curling Club.

      "I don't think anybody has had experience today. None of the kids have ever done this before, which is kind of funny. Everyone's falling over," said Will Paces, Blue Key Honor Society, Event Coordinator.

      Winners of the competition will have points added to their snow statue team.