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      Students compete in Great Eight Games

      Student Olympians were going for the gold Saturday at the Great Eight Games in Dickinson County.

      A huge crowd came out for the commencement of the games which started with an opening ceremony. Various musical acts, glow sticks, and the lighting of the torch paved the way for the start of the games.

      Schools from all over the county competed in athletics including volleyball, archery, table tennis, and more.

      "I actually haven't done this in a while; I think I'm just looking forward to the rush of the game--it's the most fun for me," said Toni Demerse, student.

      Competitions took place in many schools, from Florence to Niagara and others in between. Parents and other spectators came to watch the young students in action, as they were striving to compete for the gold.

      Kids from all ages were encouraged to participate, and many of them even learned a new skill.

      The students say they love competing with other area schools.