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      Students compete in Science Olympiad Regional Tournament

      Saturday, students from 10 high schools and 14 middle schools filled Northern Michigan University's Seaborg Center.

      One of the 46 Olympiad events required students to use a remote controlled robotic arm. Specific tasks, like putting a ping pong ball in a cup, had to be completed in a certain amount of time.

      For many of the students, this is their second or third year competing in the event.

      "What draws me to science is probably just all the questions and all the different things that you can do with it, and there's events from making a car from a mouse trap to identifying different powders. There's so much that you can do with it, and I think it's just amazing," said Kiira Billeck, Washington Middle School student.

      Winners from the competition will travel to Lansing to compete in the state tournament.