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      Students compete in TiViTz math tournament

      Michigan Tech's Mind Trekkers hosted a TiViTz tournament for Copper Country students from eight area schools to show kids that math and science can be fun.

      TiViTz is a board game that is played similar to Chinese checkers, but adds a math component to determine the winner. Students grades four through seven competed to find the champion of the day.

      Students also participated in other science activities, such as learning about a mobius loop, a loop that has no defined outside or inside.

      Students say the activities helped them hone in their math skills without it seeming like homework.

      ??We get to learn math and stuff, and we get to do fun activities for a little break,?? said C.J. Sullivan Elementary fourth grader, Makenna Sullivan. ??It's not exactly like you're doing math. It's just like a game!??

      The tournament is part of an outreach program at the university to get students interested in math and science programs.