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      Students enjoy a Thanksgiving meal for breakfast

      Have you ever had your Thanksgiving meal served up as breakfast? Many schools have a Thanksgiving lunch, but at Graveraet, they went all out on the Thanksgiving feast.

      Students and teachers at the Marquette Alternative High School gave it a try.

      It's a tradition started back in 2004 and stays strong yet today.

      Teachers and families prepare their own dish and bring it in to share.

      "It shows what we are trying to represent here at Marquette Alternative High School...a sense of family. Just like every family member tries to make it home for Thanksgiving to try to be with their family to eat," said Jesse Kainulainen, Science teacher.

      Following the feast, students were then released from classes to start the holiday break.

      "This is the time where all the drama and all the normal high school stuff is just thrown out the door. It's a time for us to come eat some family dinner, just sit around, get fat together," said Andrew Koval, a senior.

      Some 120 students and staff members enjoyed the offerings.