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      Students figure out their futures

      The most important decision of a student's college career is, what should be their major?

      "A lot of people, when they get out of school, they don't know. They have no idea, and they end up going to college for something they don't want to spend all that money on. And I kind of want to have a set mind for what I want to do," said Krystal Maki, a junior at Superior Central Schools.

      "I'm just hoping to get some direction on what I want to do after high school," said Robert Gulley, a junior at Ishpeming High School.

      The Marquette Alger Regional Educational Service Agency, Lake Superior Partners in Education, and Northern Michigan University put on a special presentation Friday at NMU to expose juniors at area high schools to some of the career options out there they may want to pursue after high school.

      "It's a great way to connect school with the community and making that bridge happen between what you do in school and what you're going to be doing in the future," said Sandy Meyskens, Education Consultant for MARESA.

      Over 800 students from Marquette and Alger County schools were in attendance.

      Volunteers from the community leading different careers held individual presentations directed at the students to help give them an idea of what their job is like and what is required educationally.

      Students were able to attend two separate presentations of interest to them, based on the six Michigan Career Pathways.

      "They've got choices; they signed up for the one they are most interested in. And then when they get here and they see the people that do the job and what they're doing, it may be more motivating when they get to the classroom to do well and strive for that next step," said Joe Routhier, CAD and Manufacturing teacher at Gwinn High School.

      For more information about the Michigan Career Pathways, click here.