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      Students gear up for Reading Olympics

      The opening music to the Olympics: itâ??s music we're pretty familiar with now, but instead of the Winter Olympics, it signified the Reading Olympics that kicked off in Iron Mountain.

      The competition allows students to compete with each other based on books they read.

      â??It went from being in Iron Mountain to some of the local schools,â?? said coordinator, Lori Cevigney. â??Ever since then, we've branched out to eight schools in our area.â??

      The nearly 20-year-old competition pairs students off into groups and allows them to choose books off a list to read, which will come in handy later as they compete using the information they've gained.

      â??Iâ??ve read â??Aliens for Breakfastâ??, â??Magic Fingerâ??, â??The Silver Balloonâ??, â??I Survivedâ??, â??Frindleâ??,â?? said Iron Mountain student, Kurt Adiao.

      As teams, they compete locally, and can eventually advance to the Regional Reading Olympics against the other schools.

      â??They talk about what books they read together as a team and what books they still need to read as a team,â?? Cevigney said.

      The Regional Olympics will take place in March.