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      Students get a dose of reality

      Drinking and driving was the lessons Wednesday for Niagara High School students. Residents and Niagara city officials are giving students a reality check on the risky behavior. With only a few weeks before prom, city officials are reminding residents of the consequences of driving under the influence. Teens watched the faces of some of the friends involved in the re-enactment of an accident. The mock accident took place outside the high school where everything from law enforcement officers to emergency medical personnel responded to the scene.

      "I just hope that they take this lesson and when they come into a situation where there may be a decision they have to make, that they make a wise one," said Niagara Assistant Chief of Police, Angela Moreau.

      It took eight months to plan and an estimated 15 students and 100 volunteers to assemble. Thursday, the school will have a follow -p assembly open to the public at 1 p.m., showing the accident with guest speakers who have either been in accidents or are family members of victims.